Slim PDF Reader Help Guide


Downloading and Installing SlimPDF Reader


Click on the DOWNLOAD FREE button and save the SlimPDF Reader installer on the local machine.

Run the Installer to install SlimPDF Reader.

Opening a PDF

Click on the Folder icon to open a PDF.

opening a pdf

Printing a PDF

Open the PDF you want to print.

Click on the Printer icon.

Print PDF

Select the printer you want to use from the list of available printers.

You can open, close and print a PDF from the File menu as well or by using the keyboard shortcuts listed.

Print PDF 2

View Options

There are three ways in which your PDF can be viewed: Fit Page, Fit Width and Normal View.

View PDF Options

The Fit Page option gives you the optimal fit within the reader.

The Fit Width option stretches the PDF to fit the entire width of the SlimPDF Reader window.

The Normal View option places the PDF in the center of the reader.


If you need to rotate your PDF before reading it, use these two buttons to either rotate the PDF clockwise or counterclockwise. Each click rotates the PDF by 90 degrees in the chosen direction.

Rotate PDF

Zooming in and out of PDFs

You can zoom in and out of the PDF manually by clicking on the minus and plus buttons.

Zooming PDF 1

Use the drop down menu to select how big or small you want the PDF to appear. Some options include, Actual Size, Fit Page, Fit Width, and the ability to view the PDF at 5 percent all the way to 400 percent its original size.

Zooming PDF 2

You can change your viewing options (zoom in and out, select views and rotate PDFs) from the View menu as well or by way of the keyboard shortcuts listed there.

Zooming PDF 3

Searching the PDF

You can perform a search of the PDF you are reading in order to find specific information that you may be looking for within the document. Simply type your query into the Find… box and hit enter. You can also click on the triangle next to the box in order to make your search case sensitive.

Search PDF

Use the two buttons next to the Find box to locate the previous and next instances of your query within the document.

Search PDF

Copying Text

To copy text from the PDF, first select the text with your mouse. Once you have selected the text you want to copy, go to the Edit menu and select Copy.

Copy Text from PDF

You will then see a confirmation that the text has been copied to your Clipboard.

Copy Text from PDF

Click OK. You will now be able to Paste the text into another application.

If you are interested in extracting the entire contents of the PDF (color, pictures, layout, etc.) click on Learn about Able2Extract to try out’s professional PDF conversion software.

View more than one PDF at a time

If you want to view more than one PDF at a time with the reader, head over to the Window menu.

Here you will be able to open a new window, or choose the Tile or Cascade option for viewing more than one PDF at a time.

The Arrange icons option allows you to arrange the order of your windows when they are all minimized.

View More PDF

Converting PDFs

If you are interested in converting your PDFs into editable formats such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and many more, you can click on the Convert icon and sign up for a free trial of our Able2Extract professional PDF conversion desktop software.

Converting PDF

Get Help

From the Help menu, clicking on Help Topics will take you to the website you are currently reading.

PDF Help

If you are still having trouble using SlimPDF Reader and cannot find the answers you seek on this website, email our tech support representatives at or contact them by phone at +1 416 920 2539 during our business hours (9am to 6pm PST, Monday-Friday).

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the makers of SlimPDF Reader,, click on the Facebook and Twitter logos to visit the company’s social media profiles.

Click on the information logo to find out more about the SlimPDF Reader itself.

Learn More about PDF

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